Neil McLaren

Neil McLaren is a General Manager at VSC Solutions, a Supply Chain Technology company wholly owned by JSE listed entity Super Group Limited.

 Neil McLaren has an honors degree from the Lincoln University (UK) where he specifically focused his studies on problem solving methods across the organization to bring about positive change from a digitization point of view. He also has project management and senior management qualifications which he obtained as part of his personal vision to continuously grow in knowledge and experience.

 Over the past 13+ years Neil has assisted numerous organizations in the Automotive, Agriculture, Aerospace, FMCG and Retail verticals with their digitization journeys, from concept to product delivery.

 Part of Neil McLaren’s portfolio is to look after product development on a strategic level and consider technologies which will provide organizations with the competitive edge while remaining sensitive to associated costs.  

 Some of the key initiatives Neil McLaren was involved in are:

 MISCCIP (Motor Industry Supply Chain Competitiveness Improvement Programme): a NAACAM, DTI, NAAMSA and AIDC initiative, designed to make the South African Automotive Industry more competitive compared to global counterparts using technology. This initiative has been operational for the past 16 years with great success.

The digitization of the fresh produce inspection and certification process in the agriculture industry.

Industry 4.0: Strategically this is Neil’s key focus at current to determine how one can leverage the benefits of integration and mobile technologies to build smarter supply chains.


 Contact details:


Phone: +27 82 316 5529

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