Mikel Mabasa

Mikel Mabasa – CEO – naamsa

 Mikel Mabasa is a Transport Economist by training with an extensive background in the aviation industry.  He is still involved in the aviation ecosystem where he currently serves as a Chairperson of the Air Services Licensing Council, a regulatory body under the Department of Transport that regulates access to the domestic air services market based on airlines’ ability to operate safe, secure and reliable air services.  Mike adjudicate applications for operation of Domestic Air Services and the licensing and control of air services.  He also served as the Chairman of the Air Traffic Navigation Services [ATNS] Board for more than 6 years and participated actively as a Council Member of the International Air Services Council as well.  His career spans for over 22 years mainly in the business and corporate environment.  Mike has extensive working experience in the private sector and has worked for a number of blue-chip multinational corporations such as Heineken International, Diageo, Rio Tinto and Japan Tobacco International.