Fezile Mapela

Fezile Mapela is an erudite black, start-up entrepreneur and a strategic maverick with a BA in Strategic Corporate Communications, which he obtained at the University of Johannesburg. He has always had his finger on the social pulse and has the innate ability to spot trends before they appear.

 This uncanny ability has found him throughout his vibrant career, as a sought-after content producer, marketer, brand specialist and leader within various media and social platforms; as well as getting sponsorships and funding for the brands that he has been associated with.

 This is done with the key objective to have traction and sustainability in a rapidly changing and seldom satisfied virtual market. His own company, Green Scooter is an automotive and internet company, manufacturing electric vehicles and various software for electric vehicles – known as the Zbee RS and Zbee Cargo with a range of 90KM. His new interests which will launch in 2021 is the integration of Hydrogen Fuel Cell with Lithium-ion making the Zbee the first Hydrogen-Battery Electric Vehicle made in Africa. With over four years of experience in establishing his automotive and internet company, he has made a significant contribution to South Africa’s adoption of smart mobility.

 In the transportation software space, Scooter seeks to not only meet and match the existing competition as an automotive and internet company, but it is also looking at being at the forefront of the renewable energy space and taking over other parts of the industry by changing consumption behaviour of how people travel, and transport goods and services. Fezile is looking forward to growth opportunities and partnerships in South Africa and the African continent at large.